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Quick code ressources


Custom cursor


Replace "your-custom-cursor-file-path.png" by the path to your custom cursor (image or gif)

If you want the custom cursor to be on every page of your website, either write the following code on every html page you make or link your css page on all of them.

On the whole page

On your html page

In the body tag :
<body style="cursor: url('your-custom-cursor-file-path.png'), auto;">

In the css page

In the body description :
body{ cursor: url('your-custom-cursor-file-path.png'), auto; }

On hover

On your html page

In the tag of the object, class etc :
<div class="hover-class" style="cursor: url('your-custom-cursor-file-path.png'), pointer;">

In the css page

In the object, class etc description :
.hover-class{ cursor: url('your-custom-cursor-file-path.png'), pointer; }