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The Hostess of Brugmansia Manor

Mademoiselle Sue, 14/02/1995, Interest lies in victorian and edwardian fashion, lolita fashion, dolls, sewing, drawing, writing and dreaming

Calling card

Welcome to my home, Dear ♡

I'm Sue.
I was born on Valentine's day and maybe it's the reason I'm such a romantic.
This place may not be well furnished right now but I'm hoping I can share some of my hobbies with you soon enough, as well as some of my little world.
In the meantime, I hope you'll have a peaceful time at Brugmansia Manor.

Where to find me


Glittery Blueberry Blood
80s pastel blog with a focus on anime



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A calling card, a photo of the hostess, a red velvet ribbon, a doll hand, a pair of silver ebroidery scissors and red dry rose petals